High School

Catholic Central High School | Burlington, WI

Graduation Year: May 2020


Report Cards

Grade 9 Semester 1

Grade 9 Semester 2

Grade 10 Semester 1

Grade 10 Semester 2 

Grade 11 Semester 1

Grade 11 Semester 2

Leadership & Community/Student Organizations

Secretary of Key Club 2016-2017, 2017-2018, 2018-2019

    Key Club is an international student-led organization where students promote leadership skills through service and volunteer projects.

    I have acted as a member of Key Club my freshman, sophomore, and junior years of high school.  Service projects we engage in comprise of our March Madness Food Drive, TP CC fundraiser, and breakfast sales which donate essential goods and money to our local Love Inc.  Another fundraiser we arranged in the past was the Thirsty for Thirty project which raised money for improved and clean drinking water for people around the globe.  Other activities include Trick or Treating for UNICEF, donating gifts to families at Christmas, and highway cleanups. 

    As a junior, I reside as Secretary of Key Club.  Accordingly, I am responsible for recording tasks for each meeting, registering members, developing monthly calendars, and keeping files up to date and organized. 

    This spring, Key Club will be running our first ever Relay for Life fundraiser.  Members from different teams will take turns walking around the football field in order to money for cancer awareness.  Because cancer patients never take a break, the event will last all night to represent struggles of those diagnosed.  Food, games, tents, and other activities will be present during the event.  Because of the grand size of the event, the club works in committees.  This year, I am the head of the Luminaria committee which is in charge of constructing lanterns, a significant part of the ceremony.  Also, I was appointed as the co-chairperson and plan to head the event next year as President.  


Vice President of Faith and Action Team (FIAT) 2016-2017, 2017-2018

    FIAT, our Faith In Action Team, is the umbrella structure of our previous Respect Life Club, World Wide Charity Club, and the 7th Hour prayer team.  We conduct faith oriented services supporting others in need in not only in our community but with those across the world.

     Some of the projects we coordinate include reciting daily reflection, selling Ghoul and Easter grams to raise money for American troops, and collecting scholarship money for children in Africa through fundraising.  We also offer services to the community such as our Rake and Run event in the fall.  In this event, students from school gather together to rake lawns of elderly homes who belong to the parish. 


Student Ambassadors 2017-2018, 2018-2019

    The mission of a Student Ambassador is to assist the Admissions Director in recruiting prospective students. Students chosen to partake in the club are successful academically, knowledgeable about the school, approachable and polite, and believe in supporting the school. 

   Duties I have been responsible for include giving tours and greeting families at Open House, providing tours at our annual alumni event, writing letters and making phone calls to potential students, assisting the staff at our Freshman Welcome Mass and Picnic in August, setting-up and participating in activities for Freshman Orientation, and working concessions at sporting events for the purpose of providing scholarships for incoming Freshman.  Additionally, I was individually selected to guide students interested in the school through my daily class schedule.  Furthermore, I was partnered with an incoming freshman each year accountable for making them feel welcome and answered any questions they had as they entered high school.  

   This club gave me insight on how much of an impact we as students have on the image of our school.  My actions have an effect on the institutions I am involved with, so it is crucial to maintain an appropriate and honorable reputation for the sake of reflecting these organizations in a positive light.


National Honors Society 2018-2019

    This year, I was nominated as a member of NHS.  The National Honors Society believes in selecting applicants based upon four components: scholarship, service, leadership, and character.  I was selected among other contenders in my class because of my high grade point average, participation in school functions, and involvement of extracurricular activities.  The job of students selected as members of the National Honors Society is act as leaders and role models for the school.  Projects we take part in include ushering school plays and musicals, working concessions, and tutoring underclassmen. 


Art and Service Club 2017-2018, 2018-2019

     The Art and Service Club is aimed toward contributing to the community through developing various art projects organized by the students of Catholic Central.  During the Thanksgiving season, we craft turkey themed grams.  The money collected is donated to Operation Homefront in order to assist military families in the United States.  

Honors and Awards


Career Experience

(BGSL) Burlington Girls Softball League Umpiring 2018

    I worked as both a home plate and field umpire for my local rec softball league the summer of my Junior year.  I learned to be affirmative and take control as an authoritative figure on the softball field.  I used my knowledge of the game to make fair and just calls for each league game.  


iCan Bike- Bike Spotter 2017

   iCan Bike is an organization, with the help of local volunteers, teaches children with Down Syndrome and autism how to ride bicycles using independently modified equipment. 

   With the help of this camp, I was able to break out of my comfort zone by working with kids as well as other volunteers.  I was held responsible for keeping my rider safe, on task, and motivated throughout their journey.  After a week full of training, I was able to watch my riding partner drive her very own bike.  It was rewarding experience to see that I had a part in changing someone’s life forever.

Burlington Public Library- Volunteer of Summer Reading Program 2016, 2017, 2018

     I have spent over sixty hours working as a volunteer for the Burlington Public Library’s Summer Reading Program.  This involved working the registration and prize desk where I am in charge of assisting patrons with registering for the program, handing out prizes, and performing miscellaneous tasks.  Being able to interact with people of various age groups was a great opportunity that improved my communication skills and encouraged me to learn more about my community.